Friday, January 31, 2014



Our Spring Sale will be held in Mt. Prospect Commons, located at 1754 W. Golf Road in Mt. Prospect-right next to Retro Bistro!

This space is PERFECT for our HUGE Spring Sale! It is almost 4x bigger than our last space and will allow for lots more amazing deals, while shopping comfortably :)


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Monday, December 30, 2013

Spring Sale Registration NOW OPEN!

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our survey and shared their opinions with us.

We got a lot of great feedback and there will be some changes for our Spring Sale.

We have the dates for our next Sale!

Our Spring Sale will be February 28th, March 1st and 2nd, 2014. Just in time to shop for your kid's spring and summer wardrobe!

Consignor registration is NOW OPEN!

New this Sale- EXCLUSIVE PRE-SALE on Wednesday evening for volunteers ONLY. Consignors who volunteer 2 3hr shifts will gain entry and shop FIRST!

Once again we will offer a Consignor incentive--Consignors who refer 3 new consignors to us will earn an additional 10% of their sales (w/out having to volunteer).

We look forward to working with our returning and new consignor-Register TODAY!

New Consignor Registration 

Returning Consignor Registration

Make sure to sign up for a volunteer shift--they fill up fast!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall/Winter Sale: A Reflection

The whirlwind has passed and things are slowly settling down. Checks have been mailed and now we are back to our full-time mommy duties.

Looking back, we wanted to take a moment to share our thoughts...

First off---WOW! We are amazed at how much we have grown and how many families we have reached with this sale.

Second--THANK YOU! We are so grateful for our consignors and for the hundreds of shoppers who stopped by. We were overwhelmed with the kindness and all the love we received! Thank you to Ana Belaval and to all our family and friends for helping us spread the word.

We have learned so much and we have BIG PLANS for our Spring Sale!

More Checkout Stations-our lines were LONG! We plan to add at least 2 more stations to shorten the wait.

More Volunteers-as we grow we will have more manpower and that means better assistance while you shop.

Bigger Space-a lot of our customers felt cramped and it was difficult to shop comfortably. We will have a larger space in the same area to better accommodate our inventory and our shoppers.

Posh Tots has the best consignors, volunteers and shoppers!

We love all feedback and welcome your thoughts.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Consignor & New Mom PreSale SUCCESS!

We loved meeting all the beautiful new moms at our Presale this evening!

A GIANT thank you squeeze to all our amazing consignors and volunteers who made today a success!

Shoppers, tune in to WGN Morning News tomorrow to get a sneak peak of all our incredible designer deals!

Our doors open at 10am! We can't wait to meet you!

Almost 500 pairs of shoes??? WOWZERS!

New Mommies waiting for the doors to open so that they can SHOP!
PreSale Shopping!
Consignors arriving early to get first dibs.
We have soooo much baby gear--it's overflowing onto the sidewalks!

Thousands of girls clothes sizes NB-16!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

COUNTDOWN: One More Week!

Our racks will go up in exactly 7 days!

We cannot control our excitement! Our inventory is bursting with designer clothes, coats, shoes, gear and toys, many of them NEW WITH TAGS!

We can't believe our Back to School Sale will be over TWICE as big as our Spring Sale!

One more week until you find EVERYTHING you need for your bump/baby/child/teen. Are you ready???

Consignors, have you finished tagging? We know we haven' worries though, you can tag up until the last minute! Our system closes next Thursday morning--giving you PLENTY of time to enter your inventory. Make sure to to check your children's drawers and closets--there might be a ton of items you overlooked :)

Have you liked us on Facebook? There is a chance to win 10 Posh Tots $$.

Spread the word to your friends--we can't wait to meet you!