Monday, March 18, 2013

Clean Out Your Closets! Registration Opens this Week!

Have you started Spring cleaning yet?
My closets were bursting at the seems and I tackled the job of cleaning them out this weekend. I feel liberated, but also bittersweet--every outfit holds a memory in my mind...I can't believe how fast children grow!

I also can't believe how many outfits were hardly worn and are in PERFECT condition. I am happy to think that other families will make new memories with these beautiful clothes. Getting rid of the outfits that no longer fit opens up room for new additions. Below are my son and daughter's closets--what do you think?

We hope to have Consignor Registration open at the end of the week. That will allow you to get started with entering your inventory. We have already had some Valet Tagging appointments and I know these clothes will go fast!

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