Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Reason to Shop AND Sell!

Just in case you needed more convincing!

Here are two pictures of my daughter wearing beautiful Lilly Pulitzer dresses. One was purchased at Nordstrom for $98 (before tax) by her grandparents. The other was purchased for $10 from Posh Tots, by me. Can you spot the $10 dress?

 I simply adore Lilly and if I could dress her in it everyday I would...

She out grew them so fast, and the dresses still look brand new! What is even more amazing than purchasing a hundred dollar dress for $10? Being able to sell it the next year for the exact same price. Wait, what does that mean?

My daughter got to wear a designer dress for no money at all.

Next spring I will sell both dresses at Posh Tots for $12 each. Yes, the one from Nordstrom will have lost a big percentage of it's purchase price, but the one from Posh Tots will bring me such joy!

You can find deals like these all the time at an Upscale Resale! What are you waiting for? Instead of looking at all those too snug clothes with sadness, think dollar signs!

Did you guess it? The Lilly on the right was the gift from my parents. BOTH got numerous compliments.

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