Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall/Winter Sale: A Reflection

The whirlwind has passed and things are slowly settling down. Checks have been mailed and now we are back to our full-time mommy duties.

Looking back, we wanted to take a moment to share our thoughts...

First off---WOW! We are amazed at how much we have grown and how many families we have reached with this sale.

Second--THANK YOU! We are so grateful for our consignors and for the hundreds of shoppers who stopped by. We were overwhelmed with the kindness and all the love we received! Thank you to Ana Belaval and to all our family and friends for helping us spread the word.

We have learned so much and we have BIG PLANS for our Spring Sale!

More Checkout Stations-our lines were LONG! We plan to add at least 2 more stations to shorten the wait.

More Volunteers-as we grow we will have more manpower and that means better assistance while you shop.

Bigger Space-a lot of our customers felt cramped and it was difficult to shop comfortably. We will have a larger space in the same area to better accommodate our inventory and our shoppers.

Posh Tots has the best consignors, volunteers and shoppers!

We love all feedback and welcome your thoughts.

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