About Us

Posh Tots was started by Eleni and Maria, both mothers of three children under the age of five. Both were looking for an affordable way to dress their children in high end clothing (kids grow too fast to buy boutique outfits!) Craigslist and Ebay are great--but they require too much time and effort.

They had visited a few consignment sales in the far suburbs and loved what they found, but did not like traveling the distance (especially when the husbands were babysitting!)  The Northwest suburbs needed an Upscale Resale!

Other resale sales and shops charge high fees, give you a small percentage and are not enjoyable to work with. Not Posh Tots! You determine how much you make and we are delightful to deal with. Posh Tots will donate a portion of the proceeds to Northwest Compass, located in Mount Prospect.

Like Us!
Do you have beautiful high-end children's clothes and gear that were hardly used? If so, Posh Tots is the place for you! Sell all your quality items and buy more for your fast growing kids.


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